Safer Floors, Wet or Dry

Positive Traction serving Jacksonville, Florida

Positive Traction is in the safety business. We offer services that decrease the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents in homes and businesses. We accomplish this by surveying the walking surfaces/floors in a home or business and recommend treatments that will increase the traction on these surfaces, thus improving the safety of those who walk on them.

Our treatments are designed to work on most stone surfaces such as tiles, ceramic and porcelain surfaces, concrete, granite, marble, slate, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, concrete, wood floors, wood decks, pool areas and many others.

All of our products are endorsed and recommended by OSHA and do not alter the appearance or texture of the surface once treated. (O.S.H.A. stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the government agency that sets safety standards for industry in North America).
Prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Reduce the risk of a lawsuit at your business. Our certified non-slip treatment is not a coating that can wear off. It imprints a microscopic tread pattern on the surface, so slight it's not visible to the eye. We offer a two year warranty and may help in reducing insurance costs.

Contact us at (904) 999-4740 in Jacksonville, Florida and see how we can help make your floors safer.