Floor Safety for Residential and Business in Jacksonville, Florida

Positive Traction helps make the floors safer and slip-free for variety of material including wood, ceramic, tile, granite, marble and more. We cover different areas of the home and building that could be potential slip and falls. No matter how big or small the job is, Walk-Safe in Jacksonville, Florida can make it “safe to walk on.”

Potential Customers

Airport Entrances, Public Areas, Restrooms, Parking Areas, Ramps
Apartment Complexes Walkways, Stairs, Pool Areas, Bathtubs and Showers
Car Dealerships Showroom Floors, Service Areas, Walkways
Casinos Entrances, Parking Areas, Common Areas, Restrooms
Churches/Synagogues Entrances, Restrooms, Common Areas
Gymnasiums Entrances, Common Areas, Spa/Pool Areas, Locker Rooms, Restrooms, Showers
Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities Entrances, Common Areas, Bathrooms
Hotels/Motels Lobbies, Entrances, Stairs, Common Areas, pool Decks Bathtubs and Showers
Manufacturing/Warehouses Entrances, Ramps, Floors, Restrooms
Municipalities Entrances, Stairs, Lobbies, Public Areas, Restrooms
Office Buildings Walkways, Public Areas, Lobbies, Restrooms, Ramps
Residential Homes Bathrooms, Pool Areas, Patios, Walkways, Bathtubs and Showers, Stairs
Restaurants/Clubs Dining Areas, Restrooms Kitchens
Senior Living Facilities Entrances, Bathrooms, Showers, Common Areas
Shopping Malls/ Retail Outlets Entrances, Public Areas, Parking Areas, Restrooms
Theaters Entrances, Lobbies, Restrooms

Commercial Areas


Residential Home Areas


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