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What Does Walk-Safe Do for my Floors

On what kind of Surfaces does Your Product Work?

Positive Traction's Three Step System is designed to work on stone surfaces. Specifically, this means they work on tiles, ceramic and porcelain surfaces, concrete, granite, marble, slate, and more. Porcelain bathtubs respond well to treatment with Positive Traction's bathtub treatment. We also have a wide array of products to treat other surfaces such as fiberglass bathtubs, concrete, wood floors, wood desk, pool areas and many others.

Is this the most effective way to reduce slip-and-fall accidents?

YES! Slip-fall accidents are the number one cause of Worker's Compensation claims and liability claims and are the number two leading cause of injury throughout North America. For many years, the only means for reducing slip-fall accidents was by applying epoxy or other textured substances to the floor, by installing unsightly strips of grit-paper or expensive carpet runners (which may create trip hazards), or by adding rubber mats that are unattractive and need continuous replacement.

What about bathtubs and shower stalls?

This treatment can be applied to any stone surface, so porcelain bathtubs and ceramic tile shower stalls can be treated. However, any type of non-porous surface, such as fiberglass, cannot be treated with the Three-Step System. We offer a different product to treat these surfaces.

Can the treatment products be applied in a walk-in cooler?

YES! However, the surface to be treated must be dry and the temperature high enough that the chemical does not freeze during the application process.

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